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Project Description

This extension is used to find changesets that contain a specific phrase in a comment.


I wrote this Visual Studio 2010 extension in order to make life easier for me at work. Our defect tracking system is not integrated with Visual Studio 2010 so it’s often difficult to find out exactly which files have been changed in order to fix a defect. However, each developer will put the defect number in the changeset comment when the code is checked in. In order to provide a rudimentary connection between the defect tracking system and source control, I wrote this plugin which allows you to search for changesets that contain a specific comment. The plug-in installs a new menu item on the context menu in the source code control explorer window.

I’m open to suggestions on how it can be improved so please fire away.

Update 2011-06-30 (V1.0.1.0)

In line with current feedback, the date pickers are larger and you can omit the description in order to search by user or date. In addition, I added support for regular expressions when searching for comments.

Update 2011-07-26 (V1.0.2.0)

Processing is now done in a background thread which allows the operation to be cancelled. Impacted files are listed on a separate tab. The Copy button copies the contents of the current tab to the clipboard.

Update 2012-10-10 (V1.0.3.0)

[Space] will open the changeset details when the changeset has focus.

Update 2012-12-12 (V1.0.4.0)

VS2012 build now available. Re-compiled and renamed VS2010 version.

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